SMART Classroom-For Schools & Colleges

SMART Technologies have been in the interactive whiteboard business since 1987 with a strong focus on educational needs.Their unique product called the SMART board is an interactive whiteboard which allows teachers to make lessons more interesting. This is achieved by the use of SMART’s education software which allows lesson plans to be downloaded or created in advance and provides visual, audible and touch enhancements the presentation of a lesson. A SMART lesson has the added advantage of student participation where objects can be manipulated with the touch of a finger and writing can be added to the presentation with either your finger or by the use of a SMART pen. The board is wall mounted and uses simple and robust technology which is ideal for the school environment.

Lesson creation is enhanced by the SMART gallery which is a collection of thousands of backgrounds and objects which can be added to by the user. Recent enhancements to the SMART board accessories are shadow free projectors, end of lesson review software and hardware, PC monitoring software, document cameras and much more.

SMART boards are not for the school of the future, they are widely in use in Bermuda and all over the world today.