Security Solutions

In the continuing convergence of the information network, video and communications Gateway offers appliances to handle both network and physical security in the office environment.

Security Camera Solutions

Unfortunately as opportunistic crime becomes more prevalent on the island it is important to have security cameras installed that will deter criminals from abusing your premises.

The key elements to any modern security system are:

·        Prominent location and signage to show that you have cameras installed

·        Equipment that is capable of retrieving an image that is recognizable

·        Ability to use current network cabling to reduce installation cost

·        Ability to record on PC/Server disc storage

·        Software that is able to be used easily to review footage when required

·        Software that can be accessed across internet again when required allowing monitoring from anywhere that is internet connected.

·        Cameras that can be powered by communications cabling reducing installation costs

We utilise a SONY system that conforms to all of the above criteria.

Network Security Appliances

Gateway supplies firewall technology from Checkpoint and intrusion detection and intrusion defense systems from Enterasys-Siemens.