Information collected by this website

Information that is routinely collected by this website falls into two categories, feedback forms and website log files.

Feedback forms

The website provides a feedback form to allow users to:

*   Give general feedback about the site

*   Report technical problems with the site

*   Make a press/media enquiry

*   Request a business contact with COI

*   Make a Freedom of Information request

The information collected will be stored and used by Gateway Systems Limited chiefly for the purpose of fulfilling the stated service.

We will not share any personal information that we receive about individuals with other organisations for commercial purposes, or use it for any marketing purposes not in accordance with the stated purpose of the original form through which the information was supplied, or otherwise as detailed in this Privacy Policy.

However, we reserve the right to use non-personal information for business, research and marketing purposes. In these cases the reuse of the information will not identify or be associated in any way with the individual who provided it and will not contain any contact information relating to that individual or their company.

For example, possible reuses of non-personal information may include (but are not limited to): Marketing literature using quotes drawn from feedback given about the site

In most cases, the information provided on a form is entirely optional. General feedback and technical problems can be sent without having to provide a name or email address. However, contact details may be given if you would like to receive a reply.

Other forms only make sense if certain information is included; for example, a Freedom of Information request is only valid if contact name and email addresses are provided. In these cases the required fields are clearly marked.

Information collected from feedback forms is not stored on the website, but is instead sent to an email address accessible only by authorised staff. However, these forms are not intended for the transmission of confidential material and should not be used for such.

Website log files

All websites produce log files that record the activity on that site. Log files record which pages on the site have been accessed and how many times. From this information it is possible to produce statistics such as how busy the website is, which pages are the most popular and whether there are any broken links.

Log files typically record the IP address and/or hostname of all users accessing the website. This allows us to distinguish between different users and therefore estimate the number of unique visitors to the website. IP addresses and hostnames are not linked to any individual's personally identifiable information.

Specific IP addresses and hostnames will not be made publicly available. They will only be used by website log file software to compile overall summary statistical reports on the performance of the website.

Website log files are stored securely on the website using industry best practice methods for safeguarding information and server functions.