Office Automation

Gateway Systems Limited office automation tools are easy to use and they save you time, money and headaches. We are happy to demonstrate any of these at your convenience.

Web Wizard 4.0

Web Wizard eliminates the need to have a web developer and once created your web site can be updated using Microsoft Word from anywhere you have an internet connection. The simple to use “wizard” put the updating of web pages in the hands of the people that create the content, eliminating time delays and additional cost. This site is developed and updated using Web Wizard 4.0 and we would be delighted to give you a demonstration. It is in use in hotels and restaurants and is ideal for keeping your web site current as the very document you create to print your menu is used to update the web.

The Intranet in a Box (TIBS)

A company starter, Intranet in a box comes with the following modules loaded on a PC ready to be plugged in to your network: Company Policy Manual, IN/OUT Board, Staff Contact Page, Company Events Bulletin board, Staff Sick and Absence Tracking. All pages are dynamically edited using Web Wizard and normal MS Word. It is a simple solution to getting a small to medium company connected to staff quickly and with a low cost of ownership.

The In/Out Board (TIBS Module)

The In/Out Board gives everyone in the office a dynamic view of the location of staff. This can install as part of TIBS above or into a MS SharePoint Internal site.

The In/Out Board - Blackberry Application

Update the In/Out Board from your Blackberry as you go from client to client (or to lunch) and the office knows where you are and when you will be back.

Contact for further information or to arrange a short demonstration.