Hospitality Solutions

Property Management Systems (PMS)

Gateway offer several solutions for hospitality businesses in Bermuda. We work closely with Infor-Softbrands to offer Property Management Systems (PMS) for small, medium or large hotel properties.

Point of Sale Systems

Our solution combines the powerful Microsoft Windows and SQL Server software platform with SQUiRREL's commitment to excellence, which allows us to deliver a customized solution which will meet each restaurateur's unique needs. The designs of the user interfaces are based upon advanced human factors engineering making the system truly simple, intuitive and natural to use. You benefit as the system requires substantially less training of staff. But do not take our word for it, talk to the approximately 11,000 restaurants that have the system installed with over 50,000 terminals around the world or even talk to the people that have it running in Bermuda. Ask them how they like their SQUiRREL system and just as important the support service from Gateway.



Griffin Box- Guest Internet Access Interface (Wired and Wireless)

With the increased use of cellular technology one of the additional revenue generators, telephones are rapidly diminishing but this is being replaced by guest internet services. Gateway with our unique solution can improve the service to the guest even if you decide not to charge for it by authenticating bona fide guests, advising them of the terms and conditions and eliminating rogue users to your network. Combine this solution with our device that can aggregate all of your internet lines into one (you should have more than one for redundancy) and improve service to the business and the guests.


Web Wizard

Gateway has developed the simple solution, Web Wizard, which updates your current restaurant menus or events on your web site without costly development. Use the same word document you use for your physical menus to update the site via our easy to use upload wizard. Put the update in the hands of the person creating the content and save time and resources. Call for a demonstration today or ask for our list of references.